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Friday, January 10, 2014

"Step Back Baby"

If you have 99¢ and a free minute or so, I really hope you CLICK HERE and BUY MY NEW SONG =)

I then I hope you play it very very loudly =)

It's now on iTunes & is the first sneak peek of my upcoming album, Fairytales/LoveAffairs.

"Step Back Baby" was written with two very specific women in mind. The two woman have nothing in common except they both have questionable men-partners who I know they shouldn't be with. One woman I know very well & one woman I have only ever met twice and for a total of about 4 minutes. But I didn't need to know the woman well to write this song...because I know the guys.

Ultimately, though, this song is dedicated to just about every person I know. Including myself. ;-)
Love you all ~ Bon


Man, he sure looks good
You always knew he would
But now they flock around him
Talk about him
Stalk him like forever young school girls

You know he was wrong
To tell you 'You were right'
But now you fight about it
Lie about it
Start to wonder if he even tries

So step back, baby, and just take a minute
It's okay if you take all day
I know you call it just like you thought you saw it
It's never too late to walk away

Blame it on his need
The need you love to be
But now his fear of flying
Fear of trying
And his lying to himself is not what you need

So, step back, baby...

We all wanna be loved
But what you're doing is just covering up
We all wanna find someone
Not someone who's just alive

So, step back, baby...

© 2014 Bonne Finken
All Rights Reserved

Thank you to Brad & Andy of Oceanwide Studios for their BEAUTIFUL camera work. Thank you to my favorite person in the world, Mike Ray, for the storyboard & direction. Thank you to Lindsay Donald and Jill Witte for making me look pretty. Thank you to Cari Jones for making me able to fit into the dress. Thank you to The Sonic Factory Studios and Jon Locker for all the work you've done with me over these years, including but not limited to your work on this album & this video. Thank you to Michael Krompass for kicking serious ass on this song - both in your playing & production. Thank you to the actors in the video: Andy Ray, Stan Finken, Kristin Rousselow, Ellyn Ray, James Biehn, my Isaiah, Katie Lundstrom, Tasha Duree & Mischa Moyers-Anderson for trusting us being in the video without knowing the big picture of what we were shooting (some hadn't even heard the song yet...).

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Anonymous said...

Wow... I'm a woman who lives with a man singer, song-writer, musician who comes up with some deeply incredible words to describe feeling of & about love, longing and lost. This female perspective of this intrigues me, along with the description of why it was written. I will continue to check out your blog! CC (continue creating). :-) A Fan