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Friday, December 27, 2013

Pictures Are (hopefully) Worth 1,000 Words =)

The first LIVE FROM THE SONIC FACTORY STUDIOS performance was a success! Tickets sold out and everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy the show.

Seth (Hedquist - above) looked dapper and it was really fun to do a show with Matt (Sepanic - below) since the only time I've ever really worked with him was IN the studio.

I have to give an honest shout out to the fantastic boutique AIMEE for not only my beautiful silver holiday attire that evening, but to Amy & Meagan directly - they have pretttty much become my stylists, supplying me clothes for both my photoshoots & shows. It's very very hard to decide what to's a few shots of some options I considered and how an outfit landed into a promo shot.

If you love unique, quality clothing - Aimee is seriously a fabulous shop.

It's in the east village of downtown Des Moines on East Locust.

I had a wonderful holiday. All of the boys in my home seemed to really like their gifts and we got to spend time with a lot of family - even if for just a few hours. My favorite gift was unfortunately not a ring (shaking my fist at my boyfriend ;-) but instead something I had actually forgotten was on my list: a juicer. Which works out better for my planned 2014 (I SUPPOSE) since my new years resolution for 2014 = get healthier & stronger...and this unfortunately means I really need to consume more than 8 servings of vegetables/year.

I seriously hate vegetables. Unless there's 4 Tbsp of ranch dressing and/or real butter on top of them. And even then I only like three of them. But I figure I am able to take a shot of gross things like Wild Turkey and Robitussin - - so I bet I can take a shot of kale/carrot/beet juice.

Main Expected Problem:
Step #1: I have to go to the store
Step #2: I have to buy Vegetables while at the store.
Step #3: If steps 1-2 are ever actually completed, I then have to actually get OUT the juicer and cut up said vegetables.

Like I said...we'll see how it goes =) Drinking the juice seems like the easy part. I live off of purse-smashed Clif bars most of the time so all of those steps are very daunting to me. But I have high hopes!

Anyways.....What brought me to my computer was to prepare a setlist for tomorrow night's show at Gas Lamp (Downtown Des Moines). We are performing for Chad Taylor's Birthday Bash (Awesome Guy & No Holds Barred writer for Cityview Magazine) and I feel honored to be selected as one of his choice artists - since I know he's VERY in tune with the Iowa music scene and so it feels like a compliment to be asked to perform. All three other bands on the bill are ones I've been wanting to hear, so it's gonna be like killing, like, 18 birds with one stone tomorrow night for me...between hearing other rock bands, seeing Chad on his birthday, getting out on a Saturday night where I'm only actually working for 40 minutes of it, and stretching my hibernating rock show muscles for a night with my fun bandmates. We go on around 12:30am, but the party starts at 9pm. I'll be the one mainlining redbull - with a smile on my face.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and new year!!! Thanks for stopping by my page...

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Anonymous said...

Great show last night!! You were amazing.