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Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Bonne Blog!

Hello! You can link HERE to check out my brand new blog! It's MUCH easier to update - even if it's just photos and quips - so I hope you check it out and save it as a favorite!! The more followers, the more I'm motivated to post....just being honest =)

Love & Music,

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Live at the Temple Theater - March 28th

Tickets are ON SALE NOW for our encore performance at Des Moines' Temple Theater.

I have a few surprises that will be a one-time-only feature at this show - so I hope to see as many people there as possible =)

Front Row/Table Seats are limited and are on sale for $26.50 | Riser Seats are $15
Wine, Beer, Soda & Water are allowed in the theater and the show is open to ages 5+

Here is a video from our performance this past summer - when a technical glitch turned into a reason to pull out my favorite cover

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Voting is Open!


The Des Moines Partnership is putting together an Iowa Music Compilation and my song "Fall" is in the running. The CD will be distributed throughout music fairs and festivals, such as South by Southwest in Austin (which we will perform at twice this year!)

Please click HERE if you'd like to vote - you can choose up to three Iowa artists. Thanks so much for the support and please check back soon - I will make *another* announcement on Monday! Thank you - Bonne

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Grammy fun

Hello and Happy Grammy's Day =)

I was asked to give my winner predictions to STAR 102.5 to help promote a give-a-way they were doing - so I'm going to list them here today - but only along with my predictions, list the ones I HOPE win.. Two very different things =)

I'll list who I think will when / Who I want to win:

Record of the Year: Shake it Off - Taylor Swift / Chandelier - Sia

Song of the Year: All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor / Chandelier - Sia

Best Pop Solo Performance: Stay With Me - Sam Smith / Chandelier - Sia (I'm a huge fan of her early stuff - and this song is amazing on all levels)

Best Pop Vocal Album: Bangerz - Miley Cyrus / same - girl can siiiinnnng

Best Compilation Soundtrack: Frozen / same

Album of the Year: X - Ed Sheeran / same (as long as anyone but Beyonce wins - I won't be grumpy)

Best New Artist - Sam Smith / Haim (thanks to Cody Osen for suggesting I check them out!)

Best Pop Duo Performance: Say Something - A Great Big World w/Christina Aguilera / same - magical song

Best Country Solo Performance: Give Me Back My Hometown - Eric Church / no clue here - I like Church so guessed him

Best Song Written for Visual Media: Let It Go - Idina Menzel / Lorde should be getting this for 'Yellow Flickr Beat'

Best Music Video: Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Sia's Chandelier was robbed!!)

Oh, and of course, hope you can make it out to Ames, Iowa's The Maintenance Shop this Friday!! It's a "trust" stage so way more interactive of a show than most....gonna be fun!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Movies, M-Shop...and more movies....


I almost forgot my blog password. That's how long it's been.... I took a month "off" for the holidays. Of course I'm never fully off...but I did let myself eat sugar cookies and eggnog so that helped put me in the non-work-mode frame of mind, even if for just a little while =)

In that time - I was pleased to know some seeds planted earlier in the year helped bridge the public gap - my song 'Let's Play' was in the premier episode of MTV's new season of THE REAL WORLD and LOCUSIC released the commercial we shot this past summer.

We also got our official invite to head down to South by Southwest Music Festival this March so I can finally truly plan and talk about it =) We are on the rooftop stage of The Handlebar on Wed, March 18th at 9PM and I'm trying to write a song that rhymes "Hey Jimmy Iovine" and "check out" together so I can, literally, sing it loud from the rooftop.

January has already flown by, as it's been filled with a lot of writing, planning and rehearsing for our first performance at the beautiful venue THE MAINTENANCE SHOP in Ames, Iowa.

That show is on Friday, February 13TH in Ames, Iowa and you can purchase tickets HERE. I've also begun work with some amazing girls at Walnut Hills in Waukee. I plan to write a song or two with them - and have a feeling they'll be better than most of the songs you hear on mainstream radio right now - these girls have bright and curious minds and they are ready to write some music =)

These are a few letters from the girls, where one wrote informing me she checked out my website and had "come to the conclusion I'm a very skilled and talented singer". These are 3rd, 4th & 5th graders. I'm pretty sure they're going to be mentoring me rather than vice versa ;-)

I also have seen around, oh, 10 movies in the past month as well. I am gearing up for the Oscars, we take them fairly seriously around my household, and there were so many great movies/performances that it made it too hard to choose what to see. Soooo we're trying to see them all. We've made quite a dent so far - it's just a shame we don't get more of the documentary/foreign films closer to home. Here is a list with my QUICK notes on what I've seen so far =) "Quick" as in I won't write an entire book on each movie, like I feel I could haha....I'm sure Movie Critic was on my 'When I Grow Up' list - just under singer...

1) The Theory of Everything - Beautiful movie, amazing story with even more amazing acting by both lead actors. Felicity Jones would be my choice for Best Actress, but I honestly loved Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl and haven't seen Julianne Moore in Still Alice - so I can't firmly say yet. It should be too obvious to state that Eddie Redmayne has this year's Best Actor Oscar locked - playing PERFECTLY the role of Stephen Hawking. *However*, I've thought that in years past *cough Tommy Lee won for The Fugitive (?!?!) over Leonardo in What's Eating Gilbert Grape cough* and underestimated the power of an aging actor in a slightly better than average role - - so I'm already gearing up to have to boycott Michael Keaton movies if he wins the sentimental vote - very similar to how I boycotted Tommy Lee Jones films after he didn't refuse his Oscar. Which would be disappointing since I was, honestly, really looking forward to Beetlejuice 2.

2) Interstellar - my favorite movie, overall, this year. It wasn't nominated for anything other than visual & sound awards...but it was incredible on every level and it is the movie I am still recommending to everyone I see. I believe Christopher Nolan must have pissed someone very high up off at some point because how he hasn't won for his amazing work time & time again can only be the result of a blacklist or something...whiiiich makes me like him even more. He's so obviously operating on a different level than most - but I think being that obviously better than others can be more intimating than anyone really ever likes to admit. So they simply: won't.

3) American Sniper - completely uplifting but sad story, great movie overall, and Bradley Cooper would be my choice for Best Actor if it wasn't for Eddie Redmayne. In my top 5 for movies this year, though, overall.

4) Boyhood - good movie, cool project but I'm a little perplexed on why Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette are getting all the recognition and even Oscar nominations now. Other than they took a few weeks a year to go back to this movie, which is cool and they're both very good in the movie - no doubt, I don't see anyone worthy of Oscar nominations except, ummm, THE BOY?! Haha. Good Lord. Ethan and Patricia were already movie stars when they began this project - oh - and adults. The main character was a little boy who grew up on film and had to lead a movie the same as lead actors do and he was even more great?? I don't understand why he's barely mentioned or made any appearances. And, of course, the director deserves his nomination for the vision and planning and puzzle-working he no doubt had to do for this film to work. Plus he's an innovator - so very cool. Still not worth a win, sad to say, in my opinion. But the nomination alone will give him more access and clout and he'll probably return someday.

5) Wild - loved this movie. Reece was best I've seen her and there wasn't a boring second in a movie about a woman walking alone on the Pacific Crest Trail. I don't think she or the movie will win the main Oscars but I wouldn't be mad if either did. Laura Dern was fresh & awesome as her mother - and deserves her nomination as well. In my opinion, lol. Of course.

6) Whiplash - J.K. Simmons will win Best Supporting Actor for sure - and the movie was soooo soooo good. I will be buying this for sure. Especially considering I know and work with musicians that went through what these students went through, it really helped me see why some musicians work or operate the way they do.

7) Foxcatcher - Mark Ruffalo was my favorite actor in the movie. Steve Carrel's Oscar Nomination seems *slightly* miscalculated - although 'I get it' since it's such a turn for him. He was good. But I still felt hints of my favorite TV character, Michael Scott. So for me - he wasn't completely immersed. He did great, and the nose/make up probably helped the illusion some, and I think it's great he's getting taken seriously, but....I think it's a little premature to call him Oscar Worthy. But - what do I know. Channing Tatum was better than I've ever seen him - and he was committed as he could be. But Mark Ruffalo deserves his supporting actor notation and would be who I'd root for, if it wasn't for J.K. Simmons having this one soooo deservedly locked. Creepy story - horrible ending of course - but good movie.

8) Into The Woods - yuck. I didn't like this at all. Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt were the best parts of it....but not Oscar Worthy best parts of it?? They just saved it from being laughably horrible. .... Well. Maybe that IS Oscar worthy, I guess, when I type it out loud. I know it's made from a musical. Totally mis-marketed - so kids had to suffer vs only adults - but a bad movie no matter which way you dice the marketing.

9) Top Five - really like this movie. Best I've seen Chris Rock and really smart writing and good acting and just a fun few hours. We'll probably buy this one, even.

10) The Grand Budapest Hotel - we saw this earlier this year and really enjoyed it. Even my 15 yr old son, who rarely sits through anything that doesn't have either Kevin Hart or Will Ferrell in it, wanted to watch it again. Maybe I should off that up to their Oscar campaign as a tagline.

WHEW! I have lots more to say on screenplays, etc. but I'll spare you haha. Last note: Lorde not getting a nomination for 'Yellow Flicker Beat' from the Hunger Games seems silly. That song is incredible on it's own. And it's PERFECT for that movie. So that was disappointing. =(

And I also gave my Grammy predictions (not predictions haha. Very different thing. 'All About That Bass' even being in an article that mentions 'The Grammy's' makes me sad for the state of music BUT...I put aside my opinions and predicted the winners best I could based on what I think I know about how they give the awards...and gave my selections to STAR 102.5 and they'll be sprinkling them in over the next few weeks - so be sure and tune in =)

And maybe request 'Step Back Baby' while you're on the dial!!



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Covers by Bonne

WHEW! *stretching arms, rolling head around, doing a few jumping jacks*

I'm taking a BREAK from mixing my first batch of these babies.

To anyone new that is thinking of ordering a song as a gift, I think I'd suggest the song be ordered by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12TH in order to ensure you get it with plenty of time to wrap for Christmas!! You can ORDER HERE

So, now, back to my stretching....and mini-celebration as this is the first time I've ever mixed songs before.

My neck *does* hurt just a little.

Annnd I'm kinda sick of my own voice?

Other than that, though, things are going well and songs are bouncing away!! =) #techtalk

To those who have so very graciously ordered cover songs - they'll be to you soon but one small disclaimer: Mixing Engineer...I - am - not. =) Haha, but luckily I did get a few tips from the owner of Sonic Factory Studio and I feel confident the songs going out are worth the tag price.

This has been SUCH fun and an unexpected source of learning for me - far more than I realized when I had the idea last month to take any song (that's been previously recorded by another artist and available for reference on iTunes) and cover it for $100. Remake it, probably, honestly. get the drift =)

I kept the fee down on purpose - so I wouldn't be tempted (able) to hire other players or the studio to help me. These songs are covered 100% by yours truly - and all done right here in my home.

I don't want to risk giving away any of the songs that are meant for gifts, but here are a few artists I've remade...

Joni Mitchell, Imagine Dragons, Mariah Carey, P!nk, The Beatles, and, even, myself =)

There's still plenty of time to order a song - if you know someone who is a Bonne fan for life....buuuuut also an X artist fan for life...this could be the perfect marriage? It's a unique way to mix things up gift-wise (although a copy of 'Fairytales/LoveAffairs' is also strongly suggested) and I'm very happy to add little dedications on the front of songs saying (within reason) anything you'd like me to say =)

After Christmas I'll post a little demo reel - but again - trying not to give anything away and I don't know what songs mean what to who haha back to my "studio".

I'm very tempted to change my Facebook career status to "Engineer or Producer" for the day jusssst as an inside joke with aforementioned Sonic Factory Studio if I read it here first....I'm kidding =) I'm most definitely staying with my singing/writing/creating side of things. But I think we all know if you dabble in something on the side - whether you're good at it or not - means it qualifies as something you can list as your full-time job on Facebook? AmIright? *wink*

Love and Christmas Cookies,